Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Beautiful Boys - Mocha

My friend Laree made a comment about one of my hens.  She said she liked her, becuase if her brown could be described, it was a kind of "milk chocolate color".  I couldn't agree more!  Some of my hens are a very neat light brown color, with the mottling on top, that reminds you of cooca with marshmallows sprinkled on top.

Soft "cocoa brown" mottled hen.
Another soft brown mottled hen.

This color is something I do want to cultivate, which is why I held back a rooster this season that I thought might carry this shade, despite his smaller (typical Aloha) size.  While the boys tend to have more red tones than hens, if you look at the chest of this rooster, he's definately the "cooca brown" color.  I'd love to keep him to breed to some larger hens someday.

Split or "double" comb.

He has a very interesting split red comb.  A lot of Alohas have had strange shapes to their combs.  As more "outside" blood from New Hampshire Red, Sussex, and Buff Rock is brought in, probably the strange combs will eventually be bred out.  He is the only rooster I've kept with an odd comb shape this season.

Here Mocha (front) is seen with Butterscotch (back).  Compare the colors.

Mocha looks very similar to his daddy, the main Aloha rooster in my pen last year. 
Strangely, I never named this fellow:
Father to "Mocha" and "Butterscotch" and "Pumpkin"
(Their momma hens were of Aloha Stock)

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