Monday, July 2, 2012

The First Swedish Flower x Aloha Chicks

Shown here at almost one month old, are the very first Swedish Flower x Aloha chicks!

About 35 were hatched.  Aren't they just fabulous?

A small number may need to be culled.  I see one that is way too dark, and a few gray legs.  (I'll let the pink legged ones stay as breeding stock, until I can hatch enough with yellow legs.)  But I see way more keepers than culls!

There were three Swedish roosters running with my Aloha flock, and the dominant one featured a blue tail.  He's now moved on to Laree's house to cover her Aloha flock this fall.  I've kept the black-tailed rooster for myself.

My purebred Swedish rooster, who will be crossed with little full Aloha hens.
If these cuties can make it though the summer, they would be mature by December.  That means I could possibly have a breeder pen of 1/2 Aloha, 1/2 Swedish hens to use for Spring hatching!  These could be incredibly valuable paired with other half-Aloha crosses.

Here is a rooster that is NOT a Swedish Flower, but Aloha.  He has some Buff Rock in his pedigree, to improve size and type.  If he was paired with half Aloha, half Swedish, his kids would be 1/2 Aloha, 1/4 Swedish, and the remainder mostly Buff Rock.  This Buff Rock blood Aloha rooster can help fix the pink legs on the half Swedish, half Aloha babies:

Aloha Rooster with added Buff Rock bloodlines.
Another possible use for the half-Swedish chicks, especially those that showed lighter color, would be to use them on very colorful Aloha roosters.  This rooster in particular needs to be given a flock of hens:
Older bloodline, FULL Aloha rooster.  Hatched 2009, I think?
Would also be great crossed with yellow-legged 1/2 Swedish Flowers.

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  1. From what I've read on the BYC forum, in Sweden many of the SFs had grey legs. I've seen a lot of remarks from people who are worried about grey legs vs. yellow legs, but the coloring is just more variation to the breed.
    Your aloha chickens are gorgeous! I'm enjoying reading about your breeding program. Hope it helps to bring some new blood into the SFs, while they keep their coloring.
    Good luck on your coops/pens building!